You’re on your way to burning off the fat and developing a lean athletic physique you can be proud of!

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Burn the Fat: The Four Secrets of Good Nutrition is a 74-page digital book that describes the exact method I and my clients use in order to burn off the fat and maintain lean athletic bodies we can be proud of – without counting calories, giving up our favorite foods or fearing carbs.

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As an exclusive bonus, you’re also getting a sample home workout routine that will help you burn off the fat with 3 workouts per week, 45 minutes each.

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triadfit book

Here is a fraction of what you’ll learn…

  • Why cardio and popular diets like keto and Atkins cost me 3 years of failure – and the method that allowed me to get rid off the stubborn fat WITHOUT jogging or giving up my favorite foods (starts on page 6).
  • Why the fact that you’re not in shape is NOT your fault… and what the REAL reason is (learning this might make you angry, and rightfully so).
  • The only fat loss method that is (1)effective, (2)time-efficient and (3)easy to stick to long-term, all at the same time (starts at page 13).
  • Are CARBS the ENEMY… or are we being fooled? See page 24.
  • LOST IN TIME: A simple nutritional practice that kept the bodies of our ancestors lean and athletic – and how to apply it in our day and age.
  • The easiest way to be sure that we’re eating less WITHOUT counting calories, carbs, fats, etc.
  • What are the differences between optimal nutrition for men and for women – and exactly how each gender should eat (on page 22).
  • Is BREAKFAST really the most important meal of the day… or is this a myth?
  • Ghrelin and leptin: your hunger and satiety hormones – and how to manipulate them with ease, on page 42.
  • A summary of the 7 simple steps you need to take in the next few weeks in order to apply what you’ve learned in the book and develop a physique you can be proud of. (page 67)
  • And much, much more!

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Katwamba | United Kingdom

"Without Mit I undoubtedly wouldn't have made it this far. I would've given up and I would've just gone back to my old habits of imbalance."

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