How a Proven 4-Step Process

Is Helping Busy Women

Lose Their Next 15-30 Pounds

Of Stubborn Fat for Good...

...And How YOU Can Develop a Lean Toned Body You're Proud Of

WITHOUT Starving Yourself, Eliminating Carbs or Living in the Gym

Mit Kazakov

Fitness & Weight Loss Consultant

Dear Friend,

  • If weight seems so easy to put on but so hard to take off
  • If you shy away from the camera whenever someone suggests taking pictures or you generally feel self-conscious about the way you look
  • If you eat and then feel bad about yourself because you crave unhealthy foods
  • If you're tired of unrealistic eating and workout rules that a busy adult with a job and a family can't possibly stick to
  • If you want to be the slim person with a flat stomach that you used to be
  • If you're looking for a simple, proven way to get (and stay) in shape without starving yourself, eliminating carbs or living in the gym

…then keep reading because this might be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for!

Right now, you have the opportunity to develop the lean toned body you wantEVEN IF you’ve tried all sorts of diets & workouts in the past that have failed.

This is your chance to gain complete confidence in your diet and weight loss efforts so you can finally burn off the unwanted fat and feel good about yourself again.

You’ll no longer have to bash your head against the wall wondering what you’re doing wrong using hunches, guesses or assumptions.

Instead, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to get lean and healthy for goodwhich will transform your life inside-out.

A Bold Claim, I Know

So who am I to make such a claim? And why should you pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you?

My name is Mit Kazakov and I’m a fitness & weight management consultant.

But that’s not so important. Here’s what is:

I’ve spent the last 10 years studying nutrition & physical fitness, and the last 4 years helping people just like you lose the stubborn pounds for good while building a fit healthy body.

Here’s what I’ve learned: transforming your body will literally transform every other area of your life for the better.

Not only will you look and feel better…

  • People will treat you better and respect you more (and you'll get noticeably more attention from men)
  • You will function better, you'll have more energy and you'll become more productive so you can get more done during your day
  • You'll have a positive influence on your children (you are their role model and they pick up a lot of their diet & workout habits directly from you)
  • You'll finally put an end to the mindless cycle of emotional eating and you'll start giving your body the fuel it needs to run smoothly
  • You'll stop being nasty to yourself in your own head and you'll become more self-accepting which will help you eliminate binges and self-sabotage
  • Not to mention you will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce chronic inflammation, lower blood pressure and reduce cancer risk so you can maintain good health and be there for your loved ones

Last but not least, in the process of shedding the fat and developing a lean healthy body you will also regain your self-esteem – developing confidence and feeling content and comfortable in your own skin.

Life will simply get better… physically, mentally and spiritually.

That's Exactly What I Want to Help You Do in My Slim & Confident for Busy Women Program

Slim & Confident for Busy Women is a private online mentoring program led by me.

It’s based on a proven 4-pronged approach that helps tune both your physiology and your psychology in order to curb compulsive eating and instill key nutrition, workout and lifestyle habits for life.

This way, you can lose the unwanted pounds for good and develop a lean healthy body you can be proud of – without starving yourself, eliminating carbs or living in the gym (in fact, you can do it all from the comfort of your home if you wish).

Right now, I’m looking for a few more suitable participants – busy women who want to shed the fat and develop a lean toned body they can be proud of.

This is why, for a limited time I’d like to invite you to schedule a FREE Breakthrough Call if you meet the criteria below.

Here's Who This Is For...​

  • Women who don't have prior experience as well as those who have tried different diets and workouts in the past but haven't had long-term success
  • Busy professionals who want to lose their next 15-30 pounds of stubborn fat for good and get lean and healthy without starving themselves, eliminating carbs or living in the gym
  • Women who are ready and willing to have "skin in the game", and understand they'll need to invest some time, money and effort into transforming their bodies and their lives for good

And here's who this is NOT for...

  • Women who are not serious about dealing with the issue and are not prepared to take actual steps to fix it for good
  • Women who are looking for a quick fix (there are none)
  • Women who want to dedicate a lot of time to the gym and become bodybuilders or nonrecreational athletes
  • I can't help you deal with existing clinical eating disorders and/or related health conditions - I am NOT a doctor and I do not provide medical services

If You Meet the Criteria, Here's What to Do Next...

Press the schedule button anywhere on this page and you’ll be taken to a page to schedule your free Breakthrough Call.

The Breakthrough Call is ~30 minutes long.

You will be speaking with me personally, and I will be helping you identify what’s holding you back from losing the unwanted fat and getting lean and healthy – and what you need to do about it to start making progress as quickly as possible.

You might be wondering why the call is free…

I’m only looking for those who are a good fit and who I’m certain I can get results for.

Knowing that we’re a good fit is very important to me because I want to get ALL of my clients results.

And the truth is, there are some people I cannot help, and if that’s the case I will be 100% upfront with you, and I’ll suggest someone else or an alternative.

So, if you’re interested and you meet the criteria, go ahead and schedule your free call now.

During the call, we’ll work together to figure out what your current situation is, what you want to achieve, what roadblocks you’re encountering, and how we can make it happen for you.

Then, at the end of the call, 1 of 2 things will happen.

If it’s a good fit, I’ll extend a no-pressure invitation to you to join the program as one of my clients so I can help you get the lean toned body you want.

And if it’s not a good fit, that’s totally ok too and there’s no hard feelings or obligations.

Either way you’ll receive an invaluable call and you’ll walk away with newfound clarity as to what’s holding you back from achieving the results you’re after.

It will likely be the most valuable 30 minutes you invest in your health & fitness this year.

So go ahead and schedule your free Breakthrough Call now, and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

  • Keep In Mind The Spots Are LIMITED

I only have 24 hours in a day, and I want to make sure ALL of my clients get results, so I only work with a limited number of people.

If the spots fill up and you want in, you’ll have to join the waiting list.

That’s why, if you’re serious about shedding the fat, getting lean and healthy, and transforming every single area of your life for the better, I suggest you act now!

Secure Your Free Call Today!

If you’ve been putting off getting in shape for the longest time now, THIS is your chance to end the cycle of procrastination and MAKE change happen.

Developing a leaner, healthier body will help you regain your self-esteem and transform every area of your life for the better.

Again, the spots are limited so if you’re serious about finally getting in shape and SIGNIFICANTLY improving your life, I suggest you act now!

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